Opinion: Eton College's Appointment of Imam is Laudable

May 9, 2004

Source: The Week


On May 9, 2004 The Week ran an opinion piece by Jon Stock. He writes, "At a time of growing international tension between Islamic and Christian faiths, last month's news that Eton College, arguably the most traditional school in the West, has appointed its own Imam should have its 1300 pupils tossing their summer boaters into the air with joy. It certainly gave me hope in these troubled times. Monawar Hussain, 34, who takes up his post in September, comes across as an enlightened and moderate Imam. His primary role will be to provide religious guidance to Eton's 20 Muslim pupils, but he will also be improving the knowledge of the Koran and the hadiths among the school as a whole. This has got to be good news. As the school's headmaster said in a letter to all parents: 'The relationship between the West and the Islamic world is likely to be one of the dominant issues for our boys for the years to come. To be effective citizens they will need a sound understanding of Islamic culture.'"