Opinion: Concern Over Turbans Shows Lack of Education

September 15, 2005

Source: SikhNet


On September 15, 2005 SikhNet posted an opinion piece by A. Kaur, from the Guru Nanak Sikh Society in Belguim, in response to the turban issue recently raised in that country. Kaur writes, "It is indeed very surprising to see that in an advanced and modern country like Belgium, students are denied proper education because of their cultural and religious background... It is an important question for Sikhs how to save their identity... It's an irony that Sikhs were allowed to fight for Belgium during 1st World War... with their [t]urbans but now suddenly some people in Belgium have realized that turbans are not OK. In this 21st century, people have such narrow mindedness; it indicates that we still did not understand the real meaning of education. A well educated person lives together peacefully in the society, respecting the values of all cultures. It is an urgent need of the time to protect cultural and religious values of every nation. If we fail to understand each other, then there would be no difference between an animal and human. The Whole Sikh community of the world appeals to other communities to go hand in hand to build a healthy society by solving the problems in a proper way, so that everybody could enjoy the life with his own meaningful culture and live in peace together."