Opinion: Charges Against Muslim Scholar Are "Groundless," Should Be Granted Visa

August 28, 2004

Source: The Washington Post


On August 28, 2004 The Washington Post ran an opinion piece by Paul Donnelly about the U.S. government's revocation of Imam Tariq Ramadan's visa to teach at Notre Dame. (Ramadan is a Muslim scholar from Switzerland.) Donnelly writes, "Notre Dame officials insist that they have reviewed every charge against the Swiss scholar and agree with the likes of Scotland Yard and Swiss intelligence, which have found them to be groundless... Tariq Ramadan is a Muslim Martin Luther. That's why Notre Dame, an old institution with a modern Catholic dedication to theological scholarship, hired him. Winning the war on terrorism requires theology the way defeating communism required ideology. The Bush administration (which wouldn't do the necessary visa checks to keep real terrorists out of fake flight schools) risks a kind of unilateral disarmament. Does it really think that Notre Dame University would hire an anti-Semite and advocate of terrorism?"