Opinion: �Bible Curriculum Demonstrates Public Schools Are End Time Battleground"

November 30, 2005

Source: Christian Communication Network


On November 30, 2005 the Christian Communication Network ran an opinion piece by By Bill Wilson, KIN [Koenig's International News] Senior Analyst. "The Bible Literacy Project... will offer a textbook-based curriculum in schools next year. Its standards are endorsed by the National Education Association, and the liberal National Association of Evangelicals. These standards were developed in part by Charles Haynes, who once worked for Americans United for Separation of Church and State and was on the advisory board of The Pluralism Project... Haynes and others involved with the project are 'communitarians', who believe individual needs and rights are secondary to the interests of the state. Dr. Dennis Cuddy, a former Education Department official and currently a commentator on education issues, reviewed both curriculums... Cuddy says the BLP's textbook does not have a complete curriculum; second, he believes there are factual errors in the presentation of the Bible; and he strongly believes that the BLP's textbook does not teach the Bible as the inerrant word of God... The Bible Literacy Project does not use a Bible, but rather a textbook to teach the Bible. It calls into question whether God is good and it appears to be the liberal answer to getting God back into the public schools--a forerunner to a one-world religion being taught here in the United States to our children."