Op Ed: "Islam is One Above Others, Not First Among Equals"

January 11, 2006

Source: malaysiakini


On January 11, 2006 malaysiakini ran an opinion piece by Baki Minuddin, who argues against the embrace of an interfaith commission by the Malaysian government. Minuddin writes, "[A] group of highly educated Muslim Malays who know very little about Islamic rules, have, in their liberal beliefs, taken the high ground which has further undermined their own religion. For instance, these high and mighty individuals have taken on board the concept of the interfaith commission (IFC) due to their sheer ignorance that in Islamic state, Islam is one above others - not first among equals let alone one among equals. Muslims in a Hindu, Buddhist, Christian or communist nations know that their religion is not even treated as one among equals particularly post Sept 11. But no matter, a sensible Islamic government like Malaysia will ensure that the interests of its non-Muslim population are well- protected and their grievances heard as long as they remain loyal and adhere to the prescribed parameters. But the principle remains that Islam as the host religion cannot sit together with imported faiths in a permanent institution such as the IFC."