Op-Ed: "Hardship for Evangelicals in Jordan: Lessons for All Christians," by Imad Shehadeh

April 8, 2008

Author: Imad Shehadeh

Source: Christianity Today


The media in the East and West have recently been reporting the denunciation of evangelicals by the council of the Catholic and Orthodox bishops in Jordan. The bishops' denunciation was in support of the government's deportations of foreign missionaries, pastors, seminary students, and teachers. Some evangelical Jordanians have taken the position of not responding to the media and just waiting for things to settle down. Others believe increased Western awareness is important and helpful. However, a new analysis of the situation is essential to move forward. There are some lessons for Christians in the East and West. Though Christians are to expect tribulation and are called upon to pray and trust God for his protection, we can glean some wisdom to avoid unnecessary hardship.