Omid Djlalili, UK's Iranian Comic, Takes On the Muslim-Jewish Divide

April 12, 2010

Author: Michael Theodoulou

Source: The National

Portly, besuited and bald, Omid Djalili glides into the spotlight with his remarkably graceful, trademark belly-dance. He sports a winning grin and swings his microphone suggestively at midriff level.

Like all successful comedians, he has his audience tittering before he even opens his mouth. Then he trills: “I am Iranian, I love uranium.”

The audience in London cracks up. Many are Iranian expatriates. Djalili, a London-born Iranian stand-up comedian with his own BBC 1 television show, is immensely popular with Iranians in Britain and the wider diaspora – all proud of his success.

“Please, please, I’m begging you, come to Dubai, you are so funny,” enthuses one Iranian admirer living in the UAE, on Djalili’s website.