Oklahoma Voter Project to Collaborate with Churches

June 25, 2004

Source: News Ok/ The Oklahoman


On June 25, 2004 News Ok/ The Oklahoman reported, "Election-year voter registration projects are popping up like flowers in spring. The latest in the new crop is the Faithful Citizenship Voter Registration Project, a joint effort of the Labor Council of Western Oklahoma and its longtime partners in the religious community, said project coordinator Pam Maisano of Catholic Charities. Faithful Citizenship hopes to register at least 5,000 new voters. It will work through pastors and church bulletins... In 2000, the last presidential election year, 68 percent of eligible Oklahomans were registered to vote, but only 58 percent of those actually cast ballots... Maisano, whose voter registration project targets working people and new citizens, said 2004 will be a good year for boosting voter participation."