Ohio Peace Advocates Reflect on Parliament of World Religions

July 24, 2004

Source: The Toledo Blade


On July 24, 2004 The Toledo Blade reported, "There's a big difference between interfaith and intrafaith dialogue, and both are necessary to bring people of diverse religious groups together, according to Judy Lee and Woody Trautman, founders of the MultiFaith Council of Northwest Ohio. The Trautmans, along with Jim and Linda Morford of Temperance, were among 8,000 people who attended the Parliament of World Religions this month in the newly opened Forum in Barcelona, Spain... The Trautmans, who work diligently to promote peace, understanding, and acceptance among local religious groups, said there were many sessions in Barcelona that offered practical help and inspiration, and they were pleased to report that several leaders of the Parliament of World Religions promised to give personal attention to Toledo's multifaith efforts."