In Ohio, Middle School Trip to Mosque Canceled After Parents Complain

February 26, 2004

Source: The Middletown Journal

On February 26, 2004 The Middletown Journal reported, "An Edgewood teacher canceled a class field trip to the Islamic Center of Greater Cincinnati after hearing a barrage of complaints from concerned parents. Three seventh-grade social studies classes were scheduled to visit the West Chester mosque Wednesday. The visit was to be part of the students’ study of the five major religions of the world, which include Islam. But parents approached teacher Debbie Weber and other school officials in the past few weeks with concerns about the visit, Superintendent Tom York said. Weber decided to cancel the trip, York said. Some parents said the trip was a violation of the separation of church and state. They argued that if students were taken to a mosque, they should also be taken to a Christian church, a Jewish synagogue and a Hindu temple. At least one parent was concerned the students would be asked to engage in Muslim rituals while at the mosque, York said. York said there would have been no evangelizing by the mosque leaders; it was just an effort to educate students, he said."