O.C. Hosts First Muslim Station Of Its Kind

January 19, 2010

Author: Cindy Carcamo

Source: The Orange County Register


In light of the Fort Hood killings and recent arrests of suspected radicalized Virginian youths in Pakistan, perceptions of American Muslims have taken a beating lately.

Closer to home, recent vandalism at a Costa Mesa Muslim mosque and an interfaith display in Mission Viejo delivered yet another blow to a community still reeling from the aftermath of 9/11.

The American Muslim community has endured discrimination, mistrust and hostility, said Nour Matar, an Orange County businessman.

That's why he launched what could be the Western world's first English-speaking online Muslim radio station from his studio in Irvine. The 32-year-old hopes the station, carrying talk shows about almost every aspect of daily life from a Muslim perspective, will not only improve the well-being of his community but also foster understanding among non-Muslims.

"As a community we feel very frustrated by the misconception and misinformation portrayed by the media," Matar said. "We can understand that there are a lot of bad actions done in the name of Islam. In order for us to combat that we have to let our voice be heard as Muslims Americans living in the U.S."

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