NY Public Transit to Reconsider Employee Policy

June 9, 2004

Source: Newsday


On June 9, 2004 Newsday reported, "A Sikh train operator reassigned this week for wearing a turban got his old job back yesterday after NYC Transit reversed its position, officials said. 'I'm back to my regular job,' said a jubilant Kevin Harrington, the motorman on the No. 4 train who spent Monday and yesterday working out of public sight in MTA rail yards. Charles Seaton, a transit spokesman, said yesterday that the decision came after 'we took a look at what was going on. It appears that there were some problems with enforcement.' Seaton said transit officials would review the agency's dress code 'in a way to make the rules more uniform,' while finding 'some way so that religious headwear may be accommodated.' The regulations are likely to ultimately require that all NYC Transit employees observe the same clothing regulations, officials said. Officials, meanwhile, plan to review dress codes in other cities' transit systems."