NY Islamic Center Holds Forum on Safety and Interaction With Law Enforcement

March 26, 2004

Source: Independent Press Association


On March 26, 2004 Independent Press Association posted a Muslims Weekly article that reported, "An informational forum aimed at educating Muslims in safety and interaction issues with local law enforcement agents was held at the Islamic Cultural Center of New York (ICCNY) in Manhattan, last Sunday afternoon. Event organizers planned the meeting with the ICCNY and the American Muslims in Law Enforcement to address issues of crime prevention, hate crimes, identity theft and other concerns relating to interaction with police in New York City...Asked why the event was held, NYPD Officer S. Salimah Bell commented: 'We're here today to give a concerted effort to keep unfortunate accidents (such the Amadou Diallo case) from reoccurring. If we can in any way, shape or form prevent another occurrence from happening, then we will do this at every forum we can.' Audience members asked about self-defense classes, identity theft, and how to handle arrest warrants."

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