Not-So-Friendly Skies for Sikhs

August 28, 2006


On August 28, 2006 reported, "Guneet Choudhary, a Supreme Court lawyer, says he was racially profiled on a flight to London.

Gurpreet Singh from Chandigarh, who is doing his doctorate in London, expressed [shock] at the treatment meted out to him at Heathrow.

Gurpreet and Guneet are part of the new wave of Punjabi migrants to the West - IT professionals, students and businessmen - who are running into old prejudices.

They say they are reminded of the prejudice faced by their parents and grandparents - the first wave of migrants from rural Punjab to America, Canada and the UK.

That first wave was made up of literate or semi-literate laborers from agricultural and military backgrounds... But today's new wave of Sikh travelers are running into a post-9/11 maze of suspicions and confused identities."