Non-Hindu Teachers Offended by No-Meat Rule at Hindu School

August 31, 2004

Source: Trinidad & Tobago Express

On August 31, 2004 Trinidad & Tobago Express reported, "A rule of strictly vegetarian meals was set at the Rousillac Hindu School when classes moved into a Hindu temple after fire destroyed the school two years ago. But recently, both teachers and parents of other religious backgrounds have been lodging complaints to the school's administration, refusing to obey the new rule. Several teachers who are not Hindus have been 'offended' by having to teach in a temple and to eat strictly vegetarian meals while on duty, the Express has learned. After the school was destroyed by fire, classrooms went up inside the temple at the front of the burnt-out site. Since then, teachers have been conducting classes in 'cramped conditions,' with no indication of when the new school building will be constructed. When classes resumed yesterday after the July-August vacation, several teachers continued to vent their anger on the meal restrictions. However, the authorities noted that no meat would be allowed inside the Hindu temple, where there are murtis as a mark of respect for the religion. School officials, who requested anonymity, admitted the problem."