Non-Christians Focus On Secular Side Of Christmas

November 10, 2009

Author: Nick Hytrek

Source: Sioux City Journal

Many of us have undoubtedly heard someone urging folks to tone down the commercialism of the holiday season and "keep Christ in Christmas."

But what if you're not among those who follow Jesus Christ? What if you believe in another god or no god at all?

For non-Christians, Christmas isn't about the birth of a Savior. It can mean many things, but it's not a time for heading to Christmas Eve church services or putting a nativity set in the yard.

But that doesn't mean it isn't a special time of year.

Many non-Christians still observe the holiday, but choose to focus on secular traditions and family.

"The way most of us like to look at it is most of us are so busy 365 days a year. It's that one time of the year we as a world get to set a day aside for our families," said Dana Gray, an atheist and member of Siouxland Atheists, Agnostics and Freethinkers.