Nomination of Daniel Pipes Alarms Muslim Groups

March 14, 2003

Source: Newhouse News Service

On March 14, 2003 the Newhouse News Service reported that "author Daniel Pipes has become a lightning rod in America's struggle to contend with the post-9/11 world... Years before Sept. 11, 2001, Pipes warned that radical Muslims had declared war on the United States. He identified the threat as Islamism, an ideology working to submit secular society to Muslim laws and principles... Then and now, his many critics charged that Pipes fuels anti-Muslim bigotry. After the attacks in New York and Washington, their fears were heightened: Pipes, they worried, would now have a more visible platform... Pipes, 53, regards his views as a smart alternative to two extremes: attacking Islam as an evil cult or promoting it as the religion of peace."