NMB Student Brings Together Christian And Jewish Teenagers to Help the Homeless

May 1, 2009

Author: Pamela Duque

Source: The Miami Herald


With final exams around the corner, Sundays mean study time for some high school students. But for Shira Papir and nine friends, last Sunday was a day for helping others and spending time with fellow teens from different religious backgrounds.

''Interfaith dialogue has always been something I've been really passionate about,'' said Shira, a junior at Ben Lipson Hillel Community High School in North Miami Beach.

Shira, 17, arranged for several of her friends -- Christians and Jews -- to help feed the homeless at the Salvation Army in Miami. Shira was inspired by The Days of Interfaith Youth Services, a national campaign encouraged by the National Conference of Interfaith Youth Work, which tries to build bridges between young people of different faiths.

Shira called her event that took place in the kitchen of the Salvation Army the Teen Interfaith Day of Service.

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