Ninety-Two Year-Old Sikh Hopes His Marathon Will Raise Awareness

November 3, 2003

Source: The Times of India

On November 3, 2003 The Times of India reported on the results of Fauja Singh, a 92-year old Sikh, who finished the 26 mile 385 yard New York City Marathon course "in just under 7 hours 35 minutes to the rousing cheers of sporting New Yorkers, including hundreds of Sikhs who had gathered for the occasion. Singh, a veteran marathoner now in every sense, failed to beat his own world record for the quickest timing for nonagenarians -- 5:40:44 -- which he set in Toronto earlier this year. He has four other marathons under his belt -- or on his sturdy legs -- with timings that had improved steadily ever since he began his long-distance love affair at the turn of the century. But New York's brutal course, that takes a crush some 30,000 runners across the city's five boroughs, was far tougher on Singh. It was also his first attempt in -- and indeed his first visit to -- New York. "

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