December Dilemma

Nativity Scene Draws Complaint

December 17, 2010

Author: Pam Tharp

Source: The Palladium-Item

Franklin County's courthouse Nativity scene will stay in place this Christmas season, despite a complaint by the Freedom From Religion Foundation.

Franklin County Commissioner Tom Wilson said he won't end the 50-year-old manger scene on the courthouse lawn until a court orders it. The life-size Nativity scene is owned by the town of...

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Canadian Schools Deck the Halls With Diversity

December 16, 2010

Author: Shannon Proudfoot

Source: The Regina Leader-Post

Across Canada, December means a sensitive balancing of different cultural and religious traditions for many schools and teachers -- while for others, the run-up to Christmas looks much as it always has, filled with letters to Santa, Christmas ornament crafts...

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How Should Christians Cope With 'Christmas Wars?'

December 8, 2010

Author: Douglas A. Hicks

Source: The Washington Post

Welcome back to the "December dilemma" death match -- the 2010 edition. In this corner are the self-proclaimed defenders of Christmas, ready and organized to denounce anyone who says "Happy Holidays." In the other corner are a more motley crew of retailers,...

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Inhofe Makes Big Picture Protest of Hometown 'Holiday' Parade

December 6, 2010

Author: Ben Terris

Source: The National Journal

Sen. James Inhofe, R-Okla., and the Acres of Love Alpaca farm, are taking a stand. Neither will participate in Tulsa’s holiday parade this year after officials changed its name from the Christmas Parade of Lights to the Holiday Parade of...

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Nativity Scenes Sent to All 50 Governors

December 6, 2010

Author: Katie Glaeser

Source: CNN Belief Blog

This supposedly peaceful time of year has the capacity to create tension - Christmas light rivalries and fights over whether religious decorations should adorn government spaces.


But the conservative Catholic League for Religious and Civil Rights says it is just trying...

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Balanced Holiday Displays Permissible

August 25, 2010

Author: Jim Nolan

Source: The Richmond Times-Dispatch

It's all right to have a Nativity scene with the baby Jesus in the courtyard of the Loudoun County courthouse -- as long as the government makes room for Santa Claus and a menorah.

That's how the attorney general of Virginia sees the latest debate over freedom of expression...

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