News Article Generates Controversy in American Muslim Community

August 24, 1999

Source: Star Tribune

On August 24, 1999, the Star Tribune of Minneapolis published a rebuttal by Daniel Pipes to an article by Ibrahim Hooper of CAIR that was published on August 14th in the Star Tribune. Hooper's August 14th article was a response to an article Pipes wrote that appeared in the August 1st edition of the Star Tribune. Pipes contends that CAIR has apologized for Hamas and Osama bin Laden and has promoted terrorism, intimidated "patriotic Muslims who disagree with CAIR's chauvinist agenda," permitted a "potential unindicted coconspirator in the World Trade Center bombing of 1993 to sit on its board," and defended a potential "honor killing" in a murder in Ohio. Pipes' concluding statement reads: "In short, Hooper's organization represents not the great civilization of Islam but a radical utopian movement originating in the Middle East that seeks to impose its ways on the United States. Americans should consider themselves warned: A new danger exists in their midst."

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