Newer Scouting Group Serves 'Wise Ones', Mother Earth

May 5, 2008

Author: Staff Writer

Source: Red Orbit/The Fresno Bee

In two years, the Boys Scouts of America celebrates 100 years of service. Meanwhile, a lesser-known organization, SpiralScouts, an alternative to mainstream scouting programs, is only 9 years old.

According to its Web site,, the organization "allows individual groups to determine the exact manner in which they will pursue their own goals." Groups are coed, and leaders aren't subject to discrimination based on sexual orientation, religion or gender.

A new SpiralScouts chapter is being organized by Clovis, Calif., resident Beckie Tetrault. She is mother to Danielle, 6, and Jack, 2. Her oldest son, Michael, 16, is a former Boy Scout.

"Boy Scouts is very Christian-centered," Tetrault, a Wiccan, says. (Wicca is a neo-pagan religion.) "Their views aren't consistent with my family's beliefs."

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