New Zen Monastery to Open in Oregon

February 1, 2002

Source: The Oregonian

On February 1, 2002 The Oregonian featured an editorial on a meeting in Clatskanie, OR that was "sponsored by a Portland-based Zen Buddhist group, the Zen Community of Oregon, to explain its plans to remodel a former elementary school into a monastery and seminary. But many objected to adding the Zen sanctuary to the community's eight churches... 'Our goal is to protect those that have not yet accepted Christ,' said Loren Dummer, the Assembly of God pastor. He worried that that the Zen Buddhists, who are not evangelical, would try to convert the city's youths... 'Christians, why are you not standing to be counted?' Linda Fischer said. 'Do you not see the darkness? The aura of Satan is taking a foothold.'" The editorial continues by outlining the religious diveristy of Oregon. There are 14 Buddhist worship centers in metropolitan Portland (at least 35 statewide), several Hindu and eight Ba´ha'i centers, and at least five Islamic mosques. Jains worship here. Sikhs have five ashrams and gurdwaras in the state. There is an Abode of the Eternal Tao in Eugene. As non-Christians proliferate, Christianity itself becomes more diverse with 109 category headings in Portland's yellow pages."