New York Subway Panic over Sikh Transit Authority Worker's Turban

September 15, 2002

Source: New York Post

On September 15, 2002 the New York Post reported that "a turbaned man spotted climbing out of a subway maintenance hatch yesterday caused a terror scare after witnesses assumed he was up to no good. But after two hours of panic, cops determined he was just a legitimate Transit Authority worker who happens to be a Sikh... Before authorities figured it out, they roped off a section of Battery Park, delayed some 9/11 memorial events and brought the 4, 5 and 6 trains to a halt...

NYPD detectives and bomb-squad units combed the area for possible terrorism... 'It went too far. There are a lot of turban-wearing men in this city, and it shouldn't have gone this far,' said Gurzev Singh, the 16-year Metropolitan Transportation Authority worker... Police said they regretted the misunderstanding, but added that it was understandable since people are on edge since Sept. 11."