New York City Council Examines Civil Rights Abuses Justified Under Patriot Act

October 21, 2003

Source: Hoy

On October 21, 2003 Hoy reported that the New York City Council on October 20 held meetings to listen to the testimonies by activists in Arab and Muslim communities on civil rights violations justified by the Patriot Act. "Representatives of these organizations denounced the 'systematic harassment' and 'persecution' of Muslims and immigrants of Middle Eastern and South Asian origin. Activists told the audience, which included Councilman Bill Perkins, that they offered legal aid to those deported, or detained under the category of 'enemy combatant.' In the last two years more than 13,000 people have been deported. The committee also analyzed Resolution 909, which appeals to federal, state and city agencies and local authorities to reaffirm and preserve civil liberties. This initiative is supported by at least 29 council members, and if approved, would place New York on a list of more than 198 cities and three states that have implemented similar initiatives to guarantee respect for the civil rights of their residents."