New Years Day for American Immigrants

January 1, 2003

Source: Oakland Tribune,1413,82%257E1726%257E1083992,00.html

On January 1, 2003 the Oakland Tribune reported that "like many Americans, Sher Ahmad spent Tuesday night celebrating with friends... But like many immigrants, Ahmad says, 'it's kind of a fake celebration"... 'Since we are here in the U.S., we celebrate,' the Fremont resident said. 'But it's not really the new year'... For many residents born outside the United States New Year's isn't associated with parties, drinking and noise-makers... In India, customs for New Year's celebrations vary between regions. Some Indians recognize New Year's shortly after the festival of lights, known as Diwali, in the fall. Desai said his family recognized the new year in March with the start of spring... Family also plays a prominent role in the Chinese tradition. [Henry] Yin can remember as a boy visiting the graves of his deceased ancestors and traveling to spend New Year's Day with family..."