New Website Challenges Anti-Muslim Election ‘Gimmick’

September 24, 2008

Author: Staff Writer

Source: CAIR

The Hate Hurts America Multifaith Community Coalition (HHA), a group of religious and civic organizations seeking to challenge hate speech in our society, today announced that it has launched a website as a positive response to the anti-Muslim bigotry used in an ongoing multi-million-dollar campaign to influence the presidential election.

The Clarion Fund, a U.S. group reportedly used as a front by an Israel-based organization, is distributing 28 million copies of the controversial film "Obsession: Radical Islam's War Against the West" to voters in presidential election swing states.

HHA's new website,, offers a point-by-point rebuttal to propagandistic claims made in the film, as well as a list of newspapers that delivered the film's DVD as an insert, a sampling of bigoted statements made by controversial anti-Muslim figures interviewed for "Obsession," and examples of the overwhelmingly negative media coverage of the Clarion Fund's controversial campaign to influence voters.

The HHA site also offers positive actions visitors may take to help challenge the "Obsession" campaign's promotion of intolerance and misinformation.