A New Temple, a Testament of Faith

November 20, 2006

Author: Doug Guthrie

Source: The Detroit News


Its temporary occupants are filmmakers who are expected today to wrap up a first for Metro Detroit -- a movie about a Sikh doctor's struggles with acceptance and health costs.

But the turban-wearing actors, writer and director hint at what's to come for a grandiose building that's stood vacant for more than two years, a relic of Michigan's waylaid economy.

After the crew of the film "Ocean of Pearls" departs, the ornate Hidden Falls Wellness Center that went bankrupt and closed just weeks after it opened will become the Guru Nanak Sikh Temple.

The church of mostly Indian immigrants bought the facility, which cost $6 million to build, for less than $3 million. Early next year, it will be reborn as a testament to the success -- and permanence -- of the 5,000 followers of Sikhism in Metro Detroit.