New Shiva Temple to be Built in Georgia

April 1, 2006

Source: News Today

On April 1, 2006 News Today reported, "'The gopuram (tower) of the Shiva temple, currently under construction in 9.5 acres of land at Nor Cross Bruke Hallow Parkway, Georgia, will resemble an elephant lying down. 'This is something new,' said S. V. Muthu, director of the Hindu temple of Georgia. Briefing the press [in India] recently, he said... this temple would be the world's first Shiva temple with 108 urchava murthis (smaller deities that can be transported around the temple, especially during festivals). 'The temple is being constructed after much research, based on oracles and numerology', he explained. The three-foot, three-inch Shiva linga will be the main deity. Other deities made in India will be shipped to the US... 'In total there are 160 idols', he elaborated. The man behind this enormous project is Selvam Siddar, also known as 'Commander Doctor Selvam.' The entire cost of the project was shouldered by him."