New Research Documents European Views on Immigrants

January 5, 2006

Source: The Telegraph

On January 5, 2006 The Telegraph reported, "The British are more tolerant and positive about immigrants and their cultures than many other Europeans, according to new research. Seventy per cent of British people say their everyday experience of immigrants is 'positive,' only slightly less than the European average of 73 per cent, says research conducted after last year's July terrorist attacks by four British-born Muslims. But the proportion is much lower, at 54 per cent, in Spain, which saw 191 people killed in fundamentalist bomb attacks in Madrid in March 2004. A total of 7,820 people in eight countries across Europe were polled about their views on immigrants. While 47 per cent of Europeans agreed that immigrants had made their country a better place to live, 51 per cent of Britons believed this to be true, compared with 29 per cent in Spain. Only the Swedes and the Swiss responded more positively than the British."