New Muslim Chaplain to Replace James Yee Won't Have Access to Detainees

November 28, 2003

Source: Los Angeles Times,1,6589686,print.story

On November 28, 2003 the Los Angeles Times reported that "a new Muslim chaplain is at Guantanamo early next month but, unlike his predecessor, he will not be allowed to meet with the 660 suspected terrorists now held at Camp Delta, officials said. The new chaplain will replace Army Capt. James Joseph Yee, who was arrested in September after he allegedly was found carrying a map of the cellblocks and a list of detainees. Yee was released from a military brig Tuesday, but he faces new charges of adultery at the naval base and viewing pornography on his government computer there... While the Joint Task Force awaits the new Muslim chaplain, a Christian chaplain has assumed responsibility for ensuring that the religious needs of the detainees are met. This includes taking orders for Korans and making sure that the Muslim call to prayer is played five times daily — procedures developed by Yee."