New Multi-Faith Center to Expand Campus Religious Life

June 23, 2009

Author: Laura Smith

Source: The Pendulum

Elon University is in the planning stages for it's first ever multi-faith center. The center will house an open space without fixed furniture or pews and will allow for students of all faiths to meet and worship, said Associate Chaplain and Director of Religious Life Phil Smith.

"We have students from a greater variety of faiths," Smith said.

Currently, Protestant Christians make up the majority of Elon's student body with 39.7 percent of students, according to the Spring 2009 Registrar's Report. Jewish students make up 2.7 percent.

"We recognize that, just because that's the majority, the others are important too. We don't really have a suitable space (for all faiths to worship)," Smith said.

Many Elon students take advantage of the Elon community church or Holt Chapel for Christian worship, but those of the Jewish, Buddhist, Islamic, Hindu and other faiths do not have as many options.

The Truitt Center for Religious Life allows all groups to meet, but because of its small size, it cannot accommodate larger groups.

The new center will allow for students of all faiths to worship, hold meetings or just hang out.

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