New Magazine Caters to Muslim Girls

July 5, 2005

Source: Voice of America

On July 5, 2005 the Voice of America reported, "In the United States there are magazines that cater to many different topics of interest and segments of the population. Now there is a magazine that targets Muslim Girls. It is called MG Magazine and not only is it FOR Muslim girls; it is written and published BY Muslim girls... Yasmine El-Safy is MG magazine's founder, publisher and editor-in-chief. She is thirteen and a half-years-old. She says she started this magazine for Muslim girls because she couldn't relate to anything in the mainstream media... Through websites and Internet discussion groups, Yasmine recruited other girls, one from as far away as Kuwait, to contribute to the magazine. They write about things such as peer pressure, and dressing modestly, and being a Muslim in a non-Muslim world."

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