New Leader Vows to Revive Group Led by W.D. Mohammed

December 3, 2003

Source: Chicago Tribune,1,2777501.story?coll=chi-news-hed

On December 3, 2003 the Chicago Tribune reported that "three months after W. Deen Mohammed resigned from the Chicago-based American Society of Muslims, a preacher from New Jersey has vowed to reconstitute the group and accelerate the integration of its 1.5 million African-American members into the country's broader Islamic community. Mustafa El-Amin, a longtime Mohammed supporter and the imam of the Ibrahim mosque in Newark, said Tuesday that he will make a formal announcement on Dec. 21 at Rutgers University of his plan to revive the 28-year-old society. Leaders in the group and Islamic experts said it is uncertain if El-Amin, who has Mohammed's support, can revive the society. Since Mohammed's resignation in late August, many imams have left the organization, and it is unclear if they will return or form breakaway groups."