New Jersey Wiccan Festival Involved in Zoning Dispute

April 5, 2003

Source: The Record

On April 5, 2003 The Record reported that a "controversy that brewed after a shopkeeper attempted to stage a Wiccan festival in borough parks provided some of the impetus behind portions of a new ordinance, Borough Attorney Anne Marie Rizzuto said. Disputes that arose from soccer groups jockeying to gain access to borough fields also were a consideration, she said... Rizzuto said a new line in the proposed rules stipulates that applicants will be rejected if they make 'a material misrepresentation of fact on the application or other documents...' 'Let's say a person represents on their application that they will only have 50 attendees and then we find they have invited the world on their Web site,' she said. That application could be turned down... Police Chief Steven Nienstedt followed that line of reasoning when he recommended that [Kelli] Klymenko's Wiccan festival in the town's Lincoln Park be turned down."