New Inter-Faith Resource Launched for Anglicans

February 7, 2008

Author: Ed Beavan

Source: Religious Intelligence

ANGLICANS are to be encouraged to read the Bible in the light of scriptures from other faiths in a new way to promote inter-faith relations.

The call comes in a new document published this week by NIFCON – the Anglican Communion Network for Interfaith Concerns – and to be sent to every Anglican Bishop.

“Our Scriptures speak to us in new ways when they are brought alongside the sacred texts of other religions in the practice known as ‘Scriptural Reasoning’,” the document states.

The treatise, entitled Generous Love: the truth of the Gospel and the call to dialogue, comes out of the work commissioned by previous Lambeth Conferences and is hoped to be a useful tool to equip and train bishops for mission and ministry.

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