New Hindu Temple Will Be Largest in South Africa

September 8, 2004

Source: Sunday Times

On September 8, 2004 the Sunday Times reported, "Nine hand-carved doors made of Burmese teak, a solid cherry-wood throne and 12 containers of imported decorative artwork have been used to decorate an R8-million Hindu temple in Lenasia. This month's inauguration of the Swaminarayan Hindi Mission temple is the culmination of four years of planning and fundraising. Rajasthani artisans and craftsmen have taken more than 18 months to embellish the temple's pillars, columns and beams. The temple, one of 500 dotted around the world, will be the third and largest of its kind in South Africa. Described by devotees as a 'rare gift in a modern age,' it will accommodate 400 people. A hall attached to the temple will seat 600... Ashwin Trikamjee, president of the SA Hindu Maha Sabha (an umbrella body of SA Hindu organisations), said the temple was an 'outstanding' piece of architecture and was a 'landmark' in South Africa. 'The movement has shown commitment not just to Hinduism and its disciplines but to bringing to life dreams such as these,' he said. Even Margaret Thatcher and Tony Blair had participated in services in the London temple, Trikam-jee added."