New Hampshire Muslims Find Ways to Observe Ramadan

October 13, 2005


On October 13, 2005 reported, "There are large, well-established Muslim American communities across the country - in California, New York, Michigan and... Washington DC. They have their own well funded Islamic Centers and mosques where members can gather and worship together. They also have easy access to a variety of ethnic markets and grocery stores. In cities like Manchester, New Hampshire, home to just a few dozen Muslim families, Muslims find their own ways to celebrate not only their religious traditions, but their cultural diversity as well... During Ramadan, especially on the weekends, most Muslim families in the city go to the Islamic Society of Greater Manchester. 'The Islamic Society is the only Islamic foundation in the state, so we have a greater responsibility,' says Mahoubul Hassan, president of the Society and a Finance Professor at Southern New Hampshire University... Mr. Malik [secretary of the Manchester Islamic Society] says during Ramadan, community members are encouraged to come to the Islamic Society more often, and bring their children... The fasting month of Ramadan, Mr. Malik says, offers a special opportunity to celebrate the cultural diversity among Manchester's Muslims. They represent different nations, but one faith -- the whole Islamic world in one place."