New England's Native American Community Launches Campaign to Make Deer Isle, MA, Off-limits to Dogs

July 17, 2003

Source: The Boston Globe

On July 17, 2003 The Boston Globe published an editorial by Adrian Walker entitled "Adrian Walker; No Walk in the Park" in which Walker expressed his views concerning the campaign to make Deer Isle, MA off-limits to dogs. Walker wrote, "Two powerful forces - history and dog walkers - are heading toward a collision at the unlikely site of Deer Island. To many of us, who can easily pass a decade without ever setting foot on the place, Deer Island is simply the site of one of the world's largest sewage-treatment plants. To its Winthrop neighbors, though, it's more than that: a surprisingly delightful place to walk, jog, hike, or catch a great view of the Boston skyline. It is also a fine place to walk a dog. For still others, however, Deer Island represents something altogether different - hallowed ground. The island was the site of a 17th century prison compound of Native Americans where many died, victims whose bones have never been recovered. To their ancestors, the idea of dogs walking around, doing what walked dogs do, is an affront. They have found their champion in Boston City Councelor Felix D. Arroyo, who has written a resolution that would ban dog poop on the historic grounds. The resolution would end desecration by defecation on the island."