New 'Domestic Terroist' Act Concerns RLLN

November 3, 2001

Source: Religious Liberties Lawyers Network

On November 3, 2001 the Religious Liberties Lawyers Network issued a press release saying it "pledges to monitor the impact the recently enacted USA PATRIOT Act (Pub. Law No. 107-56) has on the rights of minority religious." The Religious Liberties Lawyers Network is "a national organization of Wiccan, Pagan and civil liberties attorneys, paralegals and law students... The RLLN provides legal counseling and support in cases of religious discrimination, educational information on First Amendment rights, and a highly visible media profile to rebut negative stereotypes and respond to instances of religious bias and discrimination... While [the PATRIOT] Act does not directly limit the rights of Wiccan and Pagan citizens,... this law allows law enforcement to search a person's home, take photographs, and seize property without notice for virtually any investigation... The PATRIOT Act grants the Attorney General and the Secretary of State power to designate groups as domestic terrorists.... Environmental activists such as the Environmental Liberation Front, animal rights activists such as PETA, and protesters of the Word Trade Organization could be labeled as terrorists because of minor acts of vandalism or violence. Non-citizen members of such groups would be subject to deportation. Those who provide lodging or assistance to such 'domestic terrorists' would be subject to the intelligence gathering procedures above and could be prosecuted for harboring a terrorist."