New Documentary on Sikhs in America Puts Out "Message of Tolerance"

September 13, 2002

Source: India-West

On September 13, 2002 India West reported that "the filmmakers of a documentary on Sikhs in America are hoping that the film will find a television audience in time for the November birthday of Guru Nanak, the religion's founder. 'Mistaken Identity: Sikhs in America,' directed by Vinanti Sarkar and hosted by journalist Amanda Gesine, tells the visual story of Sikhs in post-9/11 America. Sarkar and Gesine traveled across the United STates over a nine-month period to capture the Sikh experience in the New York/New Jersey area, in Washington, D.C., in Chicago and Cleveland. In California, the filmmakers traveled from Los Angeles to Palo Alto, San Francisco and Yuba City to interview subjects for the film. Several prominent Sikh community members and institutions across the country helped raise money and support for the project. Negotiations are underway with PBS, BBC, STAR-TV and Sony Entertainment Television India to broadcast the program this November."