New Carleton Publication Promotes Interfaith Dialogue

November 9, 2007

Author: Esther Pak

Source: Carleton News

Students, faculty, and staff at Carleton College represent a variety of religious backgrounds and faith orientations. The numerous religious groups that exist on campus, including the Carleton Islamic Association, Jewish Students at Carleton, Reformed Druids of North America, and the Carleton Christian Community, are a testament to this diversity.

Although various forms of intellectual, political, and cultural dialogue exist on Carleton’s campus, there is a marked absence of faith dialogue outside of the segregated, student-run religious campus groups. As a result, late last month the Carleton Christian Community presented its first publication meant to promote interfaith dialogue on campus. Entitled “Unashamed,” the publication is designed as a public forum for faith-based questions, objections, doubts, testimonies, poems, pictures, or intellectual pieces.

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