New Buddhist Meditation Center Opens In Nashville

March 17, 2007

Source: The Buddhist Channel/,3842,0,0,1,0

Nashville, TYN (USA) -- There has been a Buddhist temple in Nashville since 1981 and since then, the number of practicing Buddhists has grown dramatically. In turn, the Buddhist temple has opened a new center for meditation.

In a small house off Murfreesboro Road in south Nashville, dozens of immigrants and Asian Americans from the nation formerly known as Burma, meet several times each week, seeking peace. Meditation is one of the key practices in Buddhism. It is not meant for relaxation but as a way to attain perfect sanity and awareness.

It is believed that Gautama Buddha, the founder of the religion, attained enlightenment after years of meditation, self denial and contemplation.

Followers, meditate several times each week following the path of their spiritual leader.