To Neighbors' Disdain, Michigan Couple Writes their Religion in Stone

November 27, 2003

Source: The Associated Press

On November 27, 2003 The Associated Press reported that "an Oakland County couple didn’t need divine intervention to retain the religious message written with stone on their house — just judicial intervention. The state Court of Appeals reversed a lower court decision to have the couple remove the message 'Jesus is King' from the three-story turret on their Heather Lake Estates dream home, The Oakland Press of Pontiac reported last week. Marlo and Eileen Hein started building their home about two years ago in a swank neighborhood on the border of Independence and Orion townships, where homes go for about $1 million. They had to get design approval from the homeowners association for their plan, but the design submitted didn’t mention that some of the blocks on the turret would be arranged to spell out the 'Jesus' message."

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