NDA Steps Offensive Against UPA for Muslim Quota

November 14, 2006

Author: HS Bartwal

Source: Hindustan Times,0008.htm

NDA partners BJP and JD(U) on Tuesday stepped up their offensive against the UPA Government on the issue of reservations for Muslims.

With several ministers of the Manmohan Singh government speaking out in favour of a quota for the minority community, both these parties have sensed an opportunity for political gain by addressing their constituencies.

JD(U) president Sharad Yadav lashed out at the government saying that those who were against reservations for the OBCs, SCs and STs were in the forefront of the demand for Muslim quota as they were out to demolish the very basis on which the policy of reservation was conceived.

“Reservation is not an anti-poverty measure. It has nothing to do with the economic advancement of the beneficiary classes. It is a policy of positive discrimination to offset the discrimination that is institutionalised in the caste system.That is why the only criterion of reservation is caste,” he stated.