NCC Warns About Distorted Video On Islam

October 31, 2008

Author: Philip Jenks

Source: World Faith News

The Interfaith Relations Commission of the National Council of Churches expressed alarm and protest over the recent mass distribution of 28 million copies of what it termed a "distorted and misleading" DVD entitled: "Obsession: Radical Islam's War Against the West."

The Commission charged that the DVD, distributed primarily in closely contested states in the last weeks of the presidential election campaign, has the effect of "fanning the sparks of mistrust, bigotry and hatred that undermine the very foundations of a multi-religious democracy."

Pointing out that the National Council of Churches "condemns extremism, terrorism, and religiously motivated violence, as do our Muslim dialogue partners here in the United States and globally," the Commission lamented that the "Obsession" film suggests only two responses to "radical Islam" -- war or appeasement.

"Such a false choice serves only to incite the fear of Islam and aggression against Muslims," the Commission said.