NC Director First Muslim Appointed to Raleigh News & Observer Community Panel

March 10, 2009

Author: Aishah Schwartz

Source: Muslim American Society

MAS Freedom-NC, the Raleigh chapter of MAS Freedom (MASF), the civic and human rights advocacy entity of the Muslim American Society (MAS), announces the appointment of Director, Khalilah Sabra as the first Muslim member of the Raleigh News & Observer's Community Panel.

Already North Carolina's leading publication, the News & Observer's multi-cultural/occupational 12-member Triangle-area resident panel began as a newsroom effort to diversify coverage through community input.

Panelists meet weekly with News & Observer editors to discuss the publication's coverage on an in-depth basis with the objective of critiquing the paper vs. sharing personal views on politics or the news.

The information gathered by the panel is subsequently shared with news staff members to solicit their suggestions.

"Listening to the section editors offer story ideas and being part of the decision making process, is a great opportunity through which the Muslim perspective can be accurately represented. It is vital that we insure all views are taken into consideration, particularly since issues of bias often arise as news items," stated Sabra. "I am honored to have been asked to be a participant on this panel."

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