Navneet Singh Honored with the "Humanitarian Award"

February 2, 2007

Source: Sikh News Network

Navneet Singh Narula honored with the “Humanitarian Award” at the 11th Annual Multicultural Prism Awardsâ„¢ gala. His passion and commitment for non-profit work and the children of the world affected by natural disasters have earned him this well deserved recognition.

When Atlanta-based Accenture employee Navneet Singh Narula, Executive in Financial Services, was contacted by the Minorities in Business (MIB) Foundation earlier this year about being selected for the Humanitarian Award, little did he know that he’d be receiving standing ovations at a red carpet event next to celebrities like the Honorable Queen Rania Al-Abdullah of Jordan, Tyra Banks or Jackie Robinson. Navneet received the esteemed “Humanitarian Award” on December 10 at the 11th Annual Multicultural Prism Awardsâ„¢ gala”a prestigious event that recognizes outstanding achievements by entrepreneurs and corporate executives in various categories, highlighting the exceptional visionary and inspirational work of minorities as well as their philanthropic endeavors in non-governmental, intercontinental, global, and multicultural relations.

Cynthia Butler-Hayden, executive producer said, “We are very proud to honor Navneet with our special “Humanitarian Award” recognizing his philanthropic pilgrimage and humanitarian efforts in leading through the worlds biggest disasters. His leadership as a Director of United Sikhs and helping our community at large, especially the children, in times of need is simply admirable. The foundation commends his bravery and leadership and is honored that the Humanitarian Award will raise awareness of minorities in business and further allow everyone to be inspired to help communities globally.”

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