Navaratri Celebrated at Hindu Temples in Toronto Area

September 28, 2003

Source: Toronto Star

On September 28, 2003 the Toronto Star ran a feature article on a courtship ritual in the Hindu Navaratri festival celebration: "In the grand celebration for the occasion, also marking the onset of fall, the young men and women unknowingly recreated the legendary love play between Lord Krishna and his female companions. Such flirtation is common during this anticipated event. It is a bit like a square dance and a speed date, combined...The festival has become more of a community event. And it's a hit with the younger generation. 'A lot of matchmaking goes on during Navratri,' [Jasmine] Sawant added with a laugh. 'It's like meeting people at a bar. Only it's a cultural event. So it has the parents' stamp of approval.'"