Native American GLBT Archive Launched at the University of Minnesota

February 14, 2006

Source: International GLBT Native Press Archive

On February 14, 2006 an International GLBT Native Press Archive Press Release reported, "For more than two decades, Native GLBT communities across North America have organized on the national and international levels. Today, on Valentines Day 2006, an Indigenous community member, who serves on the advisory board member to one of the top GLBT archive collections in the country, is now the lead donor to a newly established component of the Tretter Collection at the University of Minnesota Libraries in Minneapolis. 'Hundreds of tribes in this hemisphere, still speaking many hundreds of languages, have always acknowledged the contributions of GLBT people, long before the appearance of Europeans here in our ancient domains,' said Anguksuar (Richard LaFortune), director of Two Spirit Press Room, a national cultural organization that facilitates dialogue among Indigenous and non-Indigenous institutions and media. 'We are conserving our own history, and providing a legacy for the coming seven generations... We are glad to announce the launching of this component to the Collection, and we are working with other First Nations Two Spirit donors across North America who are preparing to expand the first and only Indigenous GLBT archive collection, to our knowledge, in the hemisphere and the world'... The collection documents a nearly 20 year history of grassroots and institutional organizing efforts in this hemisphere."